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Using Direct Mail to Market Your Property Management Franchise

As the owner of a Property Management Franchise, You must devote substantial time and energy each week in order to meet your marketing goals.

Marketing is the primary force behind efforts to attract owners and tenants, and significant time and resources should be dedicated to supporting these efforts at the local level.

How To Rent Out A Real Estate Property You Can't Sell

If you want to sell your current home, but have little or no equity, you may have to come up with tens of thousands of dollars at the closing table to satisfy your loan. Or you could become an "accidental landlord" and rent out the house until you are able to make a different decision financially

Four Steps To Becoming a Property Management Franchisee

Franchises offer a great opportunity to individuals that are looking to own their own businesses while building off of the success of an already established business. Becoming a franchisee offers you the systems, support, brand recognition, and allows you to tap in to the already existing success of the business (without having to build something from the ground up).

How to Figure Your Earning Potential as a Property Management Franchisee

When you're looking to buy a franchise, one of the biggest questions you are asking yourself is probably "How much money can I make?"

Although its the main concern for prospective franchisees it is also the most difficult to determine because there are so many variables involved. Franchisors can easily and readily tell you how much it is going to cost to get your franchise going, but none of them can guarantee that you will be a success.


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